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We provide business representation, negotiation, performance optimization services.

Changes of the business model in the operation improvement ideas in recent times often result in passing the invidual business areas to other companies.

The so-called leasing of business process management, when a company outsources a specific function or a part of it to an external service provider, is rapidly gaining popularity. The purchase of external services is usually done when seeking to reduce costs and get a better quality of service.

Some companies are more successful in adapting to the market requirements and manage to achieve better results simply because they have developed a more suitable organizational structure.

The larger the scale of an operation, the bigger the focus on developing a company‘s organizational structure. An existing management structure might no longer fulfill the needs of an expanding company.

Due to decades of experience in these areas, we can offer the best solutions for the business needs of the company and the market situation.

For your business interests – administration, real estate, telecommunications network development and maintenance management experts, negotiators.


Services to telecommunication operators

  • Telecommunication site acquisition and development services
  • Search of new real estate objects.
  • Leasing agreement formation and administration.
  • Maintenance management of existing main network stations.
  • Support of communications with rental service companies and management of conflict situations.
  • Consulting network development and administration.


Offers to natural and legal persons:

  • Negotiations and optimal contracts, providing rental services for companies.

Business consulting to small and medium sized companies:

  • Performance optimization (structural changes, reduction of operating costs).
  • Optimization of company internal processes for expanding its activities.


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